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Idaho County is the largest County in Idaho.  It covers 8,503 square miles and was established on February 4, 1864 by the first Idaho Territorial Legislature. The earliest settlers were like a olden day version of the History Channel's Gold Rush.  Today Idaho County has a population of just over 16,000 with major industries including ManufacturingHealth CareAgricultureRetail and Tourism.

Recreation in Idaho County is one of the top reasons people choose to live here.  Scenic rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, prairies cover the gorgeous landscape. Fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, skiing, ice skating, four-wheeling, camping, floating are just some of the great outdoor activities to enjoy in the two county area.

The people who live here work hard to play hard and LOVE it!

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Grangeville Main Street

Grangeville is the county seat for Idaho County.  It is home to app. 3,150 people with the surrounding area with an additional 2,325 in the outskirts of town bringing the zipcode area to a population of 5,475+.  The outskirts of Grangeville have experienced impressive growth of over 19% since 2000.

The town sits on the cross roads of US Highway 95 and Idaho State Highway 13.  Just outside of Grangeville is the Idaho County Airport which provides air access into Grangeville and to the areas extensive recreation opportunities. Grangeville is home to Syringa Hospital and Clinics offering a wide variety of health services often only found in larger communities.  Mountain View School District is headquartered in Grangeville serving the community with an Elementary/Middle School and High School that pride themselves on providing Educational Excellence for All.

Grangeville's major employers include Idaho County, Syringa Hospital and Clinics, Idaho Forest Group, Advanced Welding and Steel, United States Forest Service, Mountain View School District and Les Schwab Tires.

According to the Census Bureau’s On the Map:  In 2011, there were about 1,280 people who were employed in the Grangeville zip code (and of course most of those would be in the city limits or very close to the city limits) who lived outside the zip code area, so were commuting from Cottonwood, Kamiah, Elk City, etc.

There is always a time lag with the On the Map data, but given that Grangeville’s employment has increased since then, if commuters increased proportionately, there probably are about 1,350 people now.

~ Kathryn Tacke, Regional Economist, Idaho Department of Labor

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grangeville traffic counts

Average Daily Traffic Volume Report

Highway 95

Highway 95 from Milepost 239 to Main Street, Grangeville

2012 Weighted Average:

2,848 daily traffic counts, 454 daily commercial traffic counts

2013 Weighted Average:

2,912 daily traffic counts, 470 daily commercial traffic counts

Highway 13

Highway 13 from Milepost 0 to Milepost 1

2012 Weighted Average—5,843 traffic counts, 671 commercial traffic counts

2013 Weighted Average—5,937 traffic counts, 687 commercial traffic counts

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Cottonwood (0)

Cottonwood Idaho


Cottonwood is home to over 930 residents in town and more than 2,200 within the zipcode area.  The population of the Cottonwood area has grown by over 7% in the past decade.  The city sits along US Highway 95 and has an active municipal airport.

Cottonwood is home to an award winning school district with an Idaho 5 Star Rated Jr./Sr. High School and a Idaho 4 Star Rated and Distinguished Rated Elementary School that also received the only US Department of Education Blue Ribbon rating given to an Idaho School in 2014. 

The city is famous for both the internationally acclaimed "Dog Bark Park," a unique bed and breakfast shaped like a beagle and the beautiful Monastery of St. Gertrude that includes a museum, retreat center and inn.  Nearby attractions include the Cottonwood Butte Ski Area, Pine Bar Recreation Site on the Lower Salmon River, Weis Rock Shelter used by the ancient Indians who lived in the area around 5,500 B.C, and many others!

The largest employers include Seubert Excavators, Bureau of Land Management, Cottonwood School District and North Idaho Correctional Institution, a state minimum security facility.  

The US Census Bureau's most recent 2011 On the Map data shows that 195 people both live and work in the Cottonwood zipcode area.  The 2011 data shows 762 people working in Cottonwood, with 567 of those commuting to Cottonwood for work.  The data also showed 590 of its residents commuting to employment outside of the zipcode area.

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Ferdinand (0)

Trestle Near Ferdinand

Ferdinand Idaho is known for the surrounding wooden train tressle tracks and it's rich history.  Ferdinand was established in 1895 shortly after the Nezperce Indian Reservation was opened for settlement.  The town is home to over 180 people with a surrounding population of 350+.  Major employers include Pacific Cabinets, GTS Schwartz Trucking and Reiners Crushing.

The US Census Bureau's most recent On the Map data from 2011 shows that 90 people commute to the Ferdinand zipcode area to work.  Out of the labor force living in the area, 68 out of 69 commute to other areas for work.

Ferdinand Commuter Patterns

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White Bird

White Bird (0)

White Bird


White Bird sits just off of US Highway 95 at the bottom of the decent from the Camas Prairie into the Salmon River Valley.  City limits include just over 100 people with an additional 465+ living outside city limits in the zip code area.  The population of the entire White Bird zipcode area is close to 575 and has grown by over 19% since 2000. 

White Bird, Idaho is near the Salmon River, offering visitors and residents unparalleled year round outdoor adventure, expert outfitters, family fun, friendly lodging and many services, excellent private and public campgrounds, and exceptional vacation suites.

Major employers in White Bird include Hoots Cafe, Cook and Sons Construction, and Pineda Post and Poles.



According to the Census Bureau's On the Map, in 2011 the White Bird zip code area employed 83 people of which 80 commuted to White Bird for work.  Traveling outside the area for work, 227 White Bird area residents commuted else where for employment.

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Riggins (0)


Riggins Ariel ViewRiggins lies between the two deepest gorges in North America and rides the banks of the Little Salmon River and the famous Salmon River, the longest free-flowing river within the lower 48 states. Adventures east take you up the Salmon River to the "River of No Return" Wilderness, a name that the Indians used to warn Lewis and Clark; and also captured the spirit of Captain Guleke's adventures in his one-way scow trips.

Turn west and adventures take you to the Snake River and Hells Canyon. This spectacular setting makes an ideal home base to explore areas of recreation, history, and scenic beauty.

Riggins has a population of around 430 people in the city limits and 300 outside the city limits bringing the zip code area population to 730.  Recreation and tourism are the main industries in the area.  The community is home to the Salmon River School District with an Idaho 5 Star Rated junior/senior high school and an elementary school.  At the furthest southern point of Idaho County, Riggins is located in the Mountain Time Zone, with the bridge just before Riggins as the dividing line between the northern portion of the state of Idaho in the Pacific Time Zone and the southern portion in Mountain.

Riggins's major employers include the Salmon River School District, Cloningers Hell's Canyon Market Place, Salmon Rapids Lodge, and Salmon River Helicopters.

According to the Census Bureau's On the Map, in 2011 there were 216 people working in Riggins with 62 of those both living and working there and 154 commuting to Riggins from outside the zipcode area.  308 of the people living in Riggins were commuting outside the zip code area for work.


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Stites (0)

Stites Ariel PhotoStites is located along State Highway 13 next to the scenic Clearwater River.  The small city is home to just under 200 people.  The zip code area includes neighboring communities of Harpster and Clearwater and has an area population of a little over 1,300.

Stites was founded in 1897 and is one of the last cities on the route towards Montana over Lolo Pass.  The small community in the Clearwater Valley is surrounded by mountains and is a gateway community to a wide variety of outdoor recreation opportunities.

Major employers include Stites Ace Hardware, City of Stites and the Southfork Cafe.

According to the Census Bureau's On the Map, in 2011 Stites had 100 people working in the zip code area with 5 of those both living and working in Stites and 95 people commuting there for work.  362 of the area's population commutes out of the zip code area for work.

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Kooskia (0)


Kooskia Ariel ViewLocated near US Highway 12 along the Clearwater River, Kooskia is a gateway to the Clearwater and Nezperce National Forests and the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness area.  A little over 745 people call Kooskia home with an additional 1,500+ people living outside of Kooskia bringing the zip code area population to approximately 2,245.

The community is served by Mountain View School District including an elementary school and a junior/senior high school.  Syringa Hospital has a clinic in Kooskia providing access to family medicine and physical therapy five days a week.

Kooskia's major employers include the US Forest Service, 5 Star Forestry, Mountain View School District, Idaho Stage and the Kidder-Harris Highway District.

According to the Census Bureau's On the Map in 2011, Kooskia had 170 people working in the zip code area with 166 of those commuting to Kooskia for work and 14 people both living and working in Kooskia.  486 people who live in the Kooskia area commute to another community for work.


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Quilt Treasures

Grangeville, ID - Looking for quilting supplies?  Want a quilt made or finished, need longarm quilting done?  Check out Quilt Treasures and talk with owner Christina Doughty who has taken her online shop and given it a main street presence!

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Aloha Laundry

Grangeville, ID - Looking for a great place to do your laundry?  Need drop off or delivery service?  Look no further than Aloha Laundry!  Owners Bob and Carolyn Haning have brought a new laundry mat with a lot of great extras to the community.

You will be impressed by the bright colors, clean and welcoming environment.  Aloha Laundry is located at 817 Cunningham, Grangeville, ID.  Stop by today!

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STEP - International Market Access Grants

The purpose of the grants are to increase the number of Idaho small businesses exporting, to increase the value of exports for Idaho small businesses that currently export.  Grant funds can be used to offset 65% of expenses incurred while accessing international markets.  We are able to assist you at no cost if you need any assistance in applying.  (208) 983-8302 or .

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