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November 14, 2013 - Presentation and Supporting Data

Salmon River Wine Initiative

On November 14, 2013 the Salmon River Chamber of Commerce hosted a presentation by Melisa Bryant of the Ida-Lew Economic Development Council on the Salmon River Wine Initiative.  Melisa was joined by Kelly Dahlquist of the Clearwater Economic Development Association to discuss the potential of viticulture in the Riggins / White Bird area.

 The meeting was well attended with over 25 people asking questions and offering information the non-commercial viticulture already in place in the local area.  The presentation began with information on the global wine market, US wine market and the Idaho wine market.  It explained how wine contributes to the Idaho economy and value the industry can have for communities.  Based on a recent presentation by the Washington Wine Commission, attendees learned the key elements necessary for growing wine grapes.  Melisa and Kelly then shared an initial vision for the Salmon River Wine Initiative:


  • Growing grapes for wine production
  • Selling wine made from those grapes:
    • Could be local wineries
    • Could be other wineries create and then sell product locally
      • Tasting Rooms
      • “Reseller” Wineries
    • Tourism basis – sell concept of wine made from locally grown grapes 

The presentation concluded with a suggestion to arrange a meeting in January that would include resources such as:

  • Idaho Wine Commission
  • New Business Technical Assistance
  • Funding/Financing Resources
  • Farming Resources
  • Viticulture Resources
  • Grant Resources
  • American Viticulture Area Process
  • Higher Education Partnerships
  • And More…

The meeting concluded with the Salmon River Chamber of Commerce offering to partner with Ida-Lew EDC and CEDA and the January meeting as well as help to sponsor the event.

A copy of the presentation given at the event and supporting research materials can be viewed and downloaded below.  As additional information becomes available on the January meeting it will be posted here.

For more information or to be added to the Salmon River Wine Initiative email list, please contact Melisa Bryant at (208) 983-8302 or

Supporting Research Materials - Links and Downloads below

Link to Idaho Wine Commission information

Link to Washington Wine Commission information

Link to Walla Walla Community College information

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